Display PCB in 3D, using Gerber and Excellon files

Display PCB in 3D, using Gerber, Excellon and IPC356 files

ZofzPCB - 3D Gerber Viewer reads gerber files, allows to construct and edit stack of layers, visualizes PCB in 3 dimensions, allows to rotate and move the virtual camera. Dynamic camera motion creates illusion of flying around your design. Added mechanical measurements and color presets. PCB Designers, CAD/CAM operators. After the PCB is designed, typically the CAD software "prints out" gerber and excellon files. Those files are send to factory. It is good to check those files before manufacturing the PCB. Real 3D View - tracks and drills are modeled in 3D. You can rotate and zoom the PCB, move the virtual camera in between PCB layers. You can see details of layout, from the different angle then vertical (as it is in typical Gerber Viewer). Color is no longer needed to signal the layer Z-axis position, it can be used to mark nets. DirectX technology enables real time motion. Gaming-level graphic hardware is recomended.


ZofzPCB 0.5